Asteria’s Metronome

Asteria’s Metronome exists because we needed a basic set of tools for our rehearsals and we couldn’t find them elsewhere. The most essential problem is that all of the other metronomes we tried out skipped beats – amazing but true – a metronome that skips beats!

So we built one that doesn’t skip, by tying it into the audio system on the iPod (which NEVER skips or slows down).

But we also put in some other tools that we needed (while we were at it). In addition to choosing a defined tempo, you can tap out your own tempo on the large “tap beat” pad and it will tell you the corresponding beats-per-minute (BPM). You can then write down your chosen tempo in your score, or have the metronome continue clicking at the same tempo you just tapped out.

We also put in a simple, single octave keyboard so that you can tap out a pesky melody when things just aren’t falling into place.

Lastly, for those emergencies right before the concert, when your instrument goes out of tune, we’ve tucked in an A440 button!